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i2R Consulting: Your Business Evolution Partner

At i2R Consulting, we specialize in propelling business growth and innovation. We provide strategic direction, enhance operational efficiency, facilitate international expansion, and harness the power of digital solutions. Collaborate with us to drive your business forward and achieve transformative results.

Our Expertise

Innovative IT - Business Analysis

Creation of required properties and functionalities, documentation of requirements and creation of a concept for solving  the problem.

Development of Products & Business

Realization of the solution concept into a product and subsequent business development with the aim of successfully introducing it to international markets.

Management Consulting & Strategy

Managing complexity, achieving sustainable organizational growth, change and increasing productivity.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Analyzing impacts in the environment and providing applicable solutions for all levels of decision-making.

Our Approach

Focused on solutions

Every problem is an opportunity and our task is to find and obtain from every new situation the highest possible added value for our clients.

Achieving results & viable growth

With a rational strategy and professional implementation, we ensure sustainable and continuous growth.

Complex & deep insight into project

We evaluate all contexts affecting the project and its success in detail and precision

Individual approach to every project

We realize that every project is unique and requires special processing.

Open communication is based on the mutual trust

Through open and direct communication, we create an environment for effective cooperation, which leads to progressive and visible results.


Guided by a spirit of prosperous collaboration, we consistently advance, ensuring consistent progress in all endeavors. Our team’s unlimited creativity is complemented by our unwavering commitment to ultimate reliability. With a deep focus on our goals, we aspire to deliver unparalleled excellence in every task we undertake.

Our Services

IT - Business Analysis Of Software Products

Management Consulting & Strategic Organisation Development

Data Analysis and Actionable Reports Providing

International Business Development Management

Process Optimisation Of Value Chains

Creation Of Digital Solutions

Our Clients

IT-business architecture analysis


IT-business integration analysis


IT-business integration analysis


Management Consulting & Strategy


Management Consulting


Solution Development & Project Management


Solution & Product Development


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